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Environmental Justice Hazardous Substances Research Small Grants to Community Groups

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Purpose of this program:

To provide financial assistance to grassroots community-based groups to support projects to design, demonstrate or disseminate practices, methods or techniques related to environmental justice. Specifically, EPA is soliciting grant applications for projects intended to examine issues related to a community's exposure to multiple environmental harms and risks. Issues of environmental justice often involve multiple sources of contamination, their cumulative impacts on the environment, and their effect on human health. Some of these sources may include multiple industrial facilities and the various contaminants they emit, environmental hazards at the workplace or home, transportation-related pollution, contamination from drinking water, or contamination resulting from the consumption of fish or other subsistence food. These situations may occur in urban, suburban, rural or tribal settings. A more holistic approach to environmental protection goes beyond setting limits for individual pollutants and facilities in isolation. Information must take into account the multiple impacts of all pollutants in the environment. In environmentally overburdened low-income, minority or tribal communities, a focus on the impacts from multiple environmental harms and risks can greatly assist the communities in understanding their environmental issues and developing more effective solutions to their environmental and/or public health concerns. Funding Priority: The purpose of this grant program is to provide financial assistance to affected local community-based organizations to support projects to examine issues related to a community's exposure to multiple environmental harms and risks. Projects must be of a research nature only, i.e., survey, research, collecting and analyzing data which will be used to expand scientific knowledge or understanding of the subject studied. The EPA's grant regulations define research as systematic study directed toward fuller scientific knowledge or understanding of the subject studied, 40 CFR 30.2(dd). Research activities under this grant program do not include development as defined in 40 CFR 30.2 (dd). The EPA has interpreted research to include studies that extend to socioeconomic, institutional, and public policy issues as well as the natural sciences. Research projects need not be limited to academic studies. EPA intends for the results of these research projects to be disseminated to members of the affected community. Funds can be used to develop a new activity or substantially improve the quality of existing programs that have a direct impact on affected communities.